Stitch Labs - Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Dec 2014 - Jul 2017

Stitch Labs is a leading inventory management system for rapidly growing eCommerce retailers. Stitch Labs empowers retailers to control their operations through enhanced inventory visibility and accuracy, alongside streamlined workflows to meet the most complex and demanding operational challenges. Stitch Labs works with major eCommerce and fulfillment providers to offer a seamless solution.

Major Accomplishments

  • Collaborated cross-functionally to accelerate development cycles and ensure successful releases.
  • Led team responsible for delivering a subscription model that enabled 3x annual recurring revenue growth.
  • Designed and built an underlying migration framework enabling the transition from a database management provider to an in-house solution.
  • Overhauled customer acquisition funnel, providing new insights into customer journey lifecycle, and identifying opportunities for sales.
  • Architected and implemented 3rd party fulfillment integration allowing partners to manage orders in real-time at the warehouse level.
  • Built a solution giving the customer support team the ability to create unique customer reports and data visualizations via MySQL queries.

Primary Stack Stack: Linux, NGINX, MySQL, PHP (Laravel)