Actively seeking new opportunities
San Francisco, CA - [email protected] - Director of Engineering

    San Francisco, CA - 

    Kittyhawk is an enterprise drone software solution for safety-first organizations. We are an authorized LAANC provided and the power behind the FAA's B4UFLY application. Kittyhawk provides easy to use mobile apps and desktop tools that keep teams flying safe and their data organized. Detailed Information

    Stitch Labs - Senior Software Engineer

    San Francisco, CA - 

    Stitch Labs is the leading inventory management system for rapidly growing brands. Purpose built for today’s modern multi-channel retailers, Stitch Labs provides scalability through improved efficiencies that enable sustained growth, while expanding into new channels and products. Stitch Labs also empowers retailers to take control of their operations through enhanced inventory visibility and accuracy, alongside streamlined workflows to meet the most complex and demanding operations. Detailed Information

    Levers - Lead Engineer

    San Francisco, CA - 

    Levers creates prioritized tasks using existing analytics to increase revenue and customer acquisition, as well as, forecasting key business metrics and areas for improvements. Advanced tools enable campaign and performance improvements. Detailed Information

    VUURR - Engineer

    San Francisco, CA / Chandler, AZ - 

    Vuurr specializes in digital marketing campaigns and custom application development for clients ranging from startups & small businesses to $10+ billion enterprises. Detailed Information